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Fueling Your Wellness Journey Every Moment We Can

There are several women to honor here. The blending of beauties began with a passionate dream by Riverside Studio's very driven owner, JessieV. Jessie Vyvyan opened the yoga studio sanctuary area (East Wing) of Riverside Studio in June of 2019. She had a plan to grow the studio to more than just Yoga, Reiki and Meditation. When clients continued to support her dream during the pandemic of 2020 by attending classes, healing appointments and special events through Jessie's Chi, Trees and Oils LLC, she knew she had to keep moving forward to providing more for her guests. The opportunity to expand with a store (West Wing) happened in October 2020. JessieV brought her love for crystals, healing CBD and salves, as well as teas and other wellness supporting tools to Riverside Studio by opening the Crystal Apothecary Shop.  In May of 2021, Riverside Studio expanded again with Compassionate Peer Support & Training, LLC moving into the Relaxation Room Suite (North Wing). Our Zen Den rests in between all three spaces, creating a sanctuary for all guests to relax while they wait or to simply have a safe space to chat. 

The blend is an incredible, combination of healing energies.

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