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About Us



Chi, Trees & Oils, Inside Riverside Studio - A Crystal Apothecary Shop & Wellness Center, where we teach, empower, and commit our guests to a lifetime of health and wellness. We are dedicated to bringing awareness to alternative healing practices for the Mind, Body and Soul. We are committed to educating our community, offering top notch services and products, and supplying everyone with the tools they need to continue their healing journey on their own while feeling empowered to do so. We maintain the highest of standards when it comes to customer service, community outreach and community building. We encourage everyone to shine bright, offering all walks of life our Light and Love. 



Today is a great day and I have the opportunity to show up as the best me ever! I am an irresistible magnet with the absolute power to attract into my life everything I desire. My life is a huge success! 


I am committed to constant and never ending personal improvement, and I take massive action steps to create the future as I want it. I will do whatever it takes to become the winner I know I can be. 


My beliefs create my reality! I choose robust health, abundant wealth, constant happiness and eternal love. I attract, heal and positively influence the lives of people in my community. I think big thoughts, relish small pleasures, and handle all setbacks gracefully. 


I give thanks for the opportunity to serve humanity and I willingly accept the rewards being sent to me by an abundant universe. I am deeply grateful for all I create and receive. My life is now in total balance and…I am a MASTER. 



We care about you, your family, your friends and our community. Please know we are certified in our specialties, but we are not medical doctors. The items in our store are helpful but are not supported by mainstream society or our government as forms of healing. Our services are considered Alternative Healing. Please let us know if you are taking medications, have questions about herbs or crystals and how we can better support your health and wellness journey. 

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Meet Your Healers & Helpers

Riverside Studio - A Crystal Apothecary Shop & Wellness Center began with a passionate dream by driven owner, Jessie Vyvyan.

JessieV opened the yoga studio sanctuary area (East Wing) of the main Riverside Studio location in Rochester, WI in June of 2019. She had a plan to grow the studio space to offer more than just Yoga, Reiki and Meditation. When clients continued to support her dream during the pandemic of 2020 by attending classes, healing appointments and special events, JessieV knew she had to keep moving forward to providing more for her clients and guests. The opportunity to expand with a store (West Wing) happened in October 2020. JessieV brought her love for crystals, healing teas, tinctures and tonics, and other wellness supporting tools to Riverside Studio by opening the Crystal Apothecary Shop. In May of 2021, Riverside Studio expanded again with Compassionate Peer Support & Training, LLC moving into the Relaxation Room Suite (North Wing).

Our Zen Den rests in between all three spaces, creating a sanctuary for all guests to relax while they wait or to simply have a safe space to chat. 

Riverside Studio is an incredible, combination of healing energies.

The growth doesn't stop there! JessieV has worked alongside some incredible helpers and healers, forming an inspiring group called The Let Love Live Ladies (and Lads). This growing group offers quarterly wellness retreats and mini-workshops throughout the year. They are currently working on expanding into a location where everyone can work together under one roof. Be sure to check out the calendar of events to engage in one of their many outstanding, empowering gatherings. Let love live!

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