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Bio's of Our Healers

My name is Terri, I was born and raised in Burlington. I enjoy exploring in nature as well as in learning new things. I love doing puzzles when the weather is crappy out, I have spent many years making handmade cards. I love photography, cooking, spending time with Family and Friends and a good glass of wine !( and of course my crystals !)

I actually fell in love with gem stones when I was about 20, I thought I wanted to be a Gemologists but never pursued that dream. Instead I became an X-ray tech. and then a MRI Tech. and spent 25 years working in various Hospitals and Clinics. I am no longer working in the medical field due to the restrictions Covid brought on for many of us Health care workers. As the saying goes " When one door closes another door opens" ! I have been Fortunate to have my path cross with Jessie at Riverside studio. I started working for her in July 2022 and I'm able to go full circle and learn about crystals after all.

I plan on using this opportunity to intergrade my medical background with crystal healing and Reiki. I became very interested in crystals again about 3 years ago and I love learning about them and their energy. I hope to continue on this journey and someday be able to help people again with their healing


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