A distinctive union of love herbs renowned for their strong aphrodisiac constituents to envelop you in a loving embrace, arouse sensual desires, and nourish the reproductive organs. As delicious as it is potent, this love potion is meant to be shared to awaken heart connections and deepen relationships.

May be helpful:

+ Increasing libido and sensual desire

+ Boosting the mood

+ Uplifting the spirit

+ Opening the heart

+ Conscious connection


TASTE & FEELING Warm Sweetness. Arousing on the palate. Soft finish. Elevates any relationship.


SHARE WITH PURPOSE Enjoy in fizzy water, cocktails, mocktails, lattes, smoothies, or teas.


ARTISAN FORMULA: Organic Damiana, organic Catuaba Bark, organic Muira Puama, organic Rose petals, organic Cinnamon bark, and organic raw Cacao. Extracted in organic vegetable glycerin and artesian well cane spirits.

Made in United States of America

Moonstruck Love Potion